Why do clients use our services?

  • Experience - expertise developed over 30 years

  • Practical & safe approach - we help organisations to safely and effectively work through challenging situations

  • Prompt & cost effective - we understand the need for timely and cost effective assistance

  • Accredited & licensed - we have Nationally Accredited Mediators, licensed investigators  

  • We have assisted numerous private and public organisations, including hospitals, government departments, universities and law firms

  • Clients can be confident we have the necessary expertise and experience as we are one of the small number of firms vetted and accredited by the Victoria Public Sector Commission, a trusted independent authority.

To discuss how we may be able to assist you please call us for a no obligation, confidential discussion on (03) 9459 0588 or email admin@dwbowe.com.au.

Click above to hear our director, Murray Bickerdike, LLB (Hons),  discussing our approach, contact him directly at murray@dwbowe.com.au and view his Linkedin profile at  http://au.linkedin.com/in/murraybickerdike

Why do clients use our mediation services?

  • Our highly experienced mediators have assisted numerous people to discuss and resolve a wide variety of concerns and conflicts

  • Our understanding of, and focus on, workplace policies and OHS duties

  • Trust - that we have the capacity to ensure difficult discussions are undertaken safely 

What is our approach?

  • Initial no-obligation discussion with the client to clarify if mediation is appropriate for the situation

  • Individual pre-mediation meetings with the parties to understand concerns and needs, and develop a rapport

  • Mediation session, usually resulting in a written agreement to reset professional working relationships 


Why do clients utilise our culture review services?

  • Other approaches have not achieved sufficient or sustained improvement as tensions and complaints continue, with increasing costs for sick leave, turnover, WorkCover claims, intervention by external regulators or other factors  

  • Experience & expertise - we have a proven track record over three decades assisting employers to safely and effectively assess and improve workplace cultures  

What is our approach?

  • Initial discussions and planning to determine the appropriate approach (WorkSafe's Stresswise process or other approaches) 

  • Gathering of information through surveys and interviews

  • A de-identified report summarising suggested improvements and a clear way forward

Why do clients use our investigation services?

  • Experience - over 30 years undertaking a wide variety of workplace bullying, harassment, and other misconduct investigations

  • Expertise - highly trained, credentialed and licensed investigators

  • Prompt & cost effective - our focus on timely completion of investigations at competitive rates 

What is our approach?

  • Discussion to ensure an investigation is appropriate, and if so, obtaining initial information, including relevant policies

  • Careful planning to ensure the investigation is procedurally fair, consistent with internal policies and external obligations, and is completed in a timely manner  

  • A well constructed report that details the findings and reasons