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Why do clients use our services?

  • COVID-19 response - we are assisting employers during this difficult period to address and resolve complaints or tensions through phone and online interviews, mediation or facilitated discussions. We assist parties to understand and use Zoom and other online or phone approaches, facilitating meetings from any location for prompt resolution of issues.  We assist employers experiencing financial difficulties because of COVID-19 to meet the costs of conflict resolution through discussion of options including fee deferral, or the reduction or waiving of our fees.   

  • Experience - expertise developed over 30 years with a broad variety of well known organisations, including: Brimbank City Council, Mercy Health, Department of Justice & Community Safety, Western Health, Department of Health & Human Services, Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital, ACER, WorkSafe, Melbourne Health, Peter Mac, Federation University, Deakin University, Holmesglen, Australian Federal Police, Forensicare, Victoria Legal Aid, RSPCA, Victorian Fisheries Authority, Parks Victoria. 

  • Practical & tailored approach - our experience with investigations, mediations and culture improvement processes ensures we can provide impartial advice and assist in each of these areas to safely and effectively address and resolve complaints, workplace conflict and toxic cultures.

  • Prompt & cost effective - we provide timely and cost effective assistance.

  • Accredited & licensed - we are Nationally Accredited Mediators, licensed investigators and accredited as mediators, investigators and review officers by the Victoria Public Sector Commission (VPSC).

You are welcome to call us for a no-obligation and confidential discussion -  call Murray on 0412 156 444, or email

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We acknowledge we work on the traditional lands of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respect to the traditional owners, their Elders, past, present and emerging. 

Why do clients use our mediation services?

  • Safe & effective - proven expertise developed over 30 years enables clients to be confident our mediators will assist individuals to discuss and resolve difficult and complex issues in a manner that is safe, sensitive, empathic and practical.

  • Flexible & adaptable - we adapt to the approach to each situation, providing individual or group mediation, shuttle mediation, or less structured approaches such as facilitating a difficult discussion. 

  • Values & duties - we assist individuals to agree on practical ways to ensure their future interaction reflects the values of the organisation and upholds the OHS duty to create a healthy and safe working environment for all.

What is our approach?

  • Initial planning - no-obligation discussion with the client to clarify if mediation is appropriate for the situation. 

  • Pre-mediation meetings - individual discussions with the parties to understand concerns and needs, develop a rapport and plan for the combined mediation session.

  • Mediation (or facilitated discussion) - a combined session to discuss and resolve concerns, with practical steps to reset the professional working relationship usually defined in a clear written agreement. 


Why do clients utilise our culture review services?

  • External assistance - where internal interventions have not achieved sufficient or sustained improvement as tensions and complaints continue, with the risk of increasing costs associated with sick leave, staff turnover, WorkCover claims, intervention by external regulators or other factors. 

  • Experience & expertise - we have a proven track record over three decades tailoring responses to assist employers to understand and address the factors triggering complaints, creating underperforming or toxic cultures.  

What is our approach?

  • Initial discussions - to plan to determine the appropriate approach (WorkSafe's Stresswise process or other approaches). A fixed price is provided at the outset. 

  • Information gathering - the process usually commences with a short anonymous survey, developed in consultation with the client, followed by confidential 1-on-1  interviews with participants to understand what needs to change and improve and how this can be achieved.  ​

  • Feedback & follow-through - a de identified report summarises the suggested improvements and the group is provided with ongoing support to create a sustainably healthier and more effective culture, enabling individuals and the group to perform at their best. 

Why do clients use our investigation services?

  • Experience - over 30 years undertaking a wide variety of workplace bullying, harassment, and other misconduct investigations.

  • Expertise - highly trained, credentialed and licensed investigators.

  • Prompt & cost effective - our focus is on completing investigations in a procedurally fair manner that is also timely and cost effective. 

What is our approach?

  • Initial discussion - to ensure an investigation is appropriate, and if so, agreeing on the terms of reference and obtaining initial information, including relevant policies.

  • Planning - to ensure the investigation is procedurally fair, consistent with internal policies and external obligations, and is completed in a timely manner.  

  • Report - a well constructed report that details the findings and reasons.