Why do clients utilise our culture review services?

  • External assistance - where internal interventions have not achieved sufficient or sustained improvement as tensions and complaints continue, with the risk of increasing costs associated with sick leave, staff turnover, WorkCover claims, intervention by external regulators or other factors. 

  • Experience & expertise - we have a proven track record over three decades tailoring responses to assist employers to understand and address the factors triggering complaints, creating underperforming or toxic cultures.  

What is our approach?

  • Initial discussions - to plan to determine the appropriate approach (WorkSafe's Stresswise process or other approaches). A fixed price is provided at the outset. 

  • Information gathering - the process usually commences with a short anonymous survey, developed in consultation with the client, followed by confidential 1-on-1  interviews with participants to understand what needs to change and improve and how this can be achieved.  ​

  • Feedback & follow-through - a de identified report summarises the suggested improvements and the group is provided with ongoing support to create a sustainably healthier and more effective culture, enabling individuals and the group to perform at their best.