Why do clients use our mediation services?

  • Safe & effective - proven expertise developed over 30 years enables clients to be confident our mediators will assist individuals to discuss and resolve difficult and complex issues in a manner that is safe, sensitive, empathic and practical.

  • Flexible & adaptable - we adapt to the approach to each situation, providing individual or group mediation, shuttle mediation, online mediation or less structured approaches such as facilitating a difficult discussion. 

  • Values & duties - we assist individuals to agree on practical ways to ensure their future interaction reflects the values of the organisation and upholds the OHS duty to create a healthy and safe working environment for all.

What is our approach?

  • Initial planning - no-obligation discussion with the client to clarify if mediation is appropriate for the situation. 

  • Pre-mediation meetings - individual discussions with the parties to understand concerns and needs, develop a rapport and plan for the combined mediation session.

  • Mediation (or facilitated discussion) - a combined session to discuss and resolve concerns, with practical steps to reset the professional working relationship usually defined in a clear written agreement.